Have A Storage Space Problem?

AMH Solutions Can:

  1. Save up to 85% floor space
  2. Utilize space from floor to ceiling
  3. Eliminate wasted aisle floor space
  4. Maximize every square inch within the unit
  5. Create space for additional manufacturing or other revenue generating activites

Are Picking Times Slowing Productivity?

AMH Solutions Can:

  1. Increase picking speeds by 80%
  2. Reduce bottlenecks in shipping & manufacturing
  3. One Pick fills multiple orders
  4. Extended order cutoff times
  5. Easily accommodate hot picks

Have an Order Accuracy Problem?

AMH Solutions Can:

  1. Increase picking accuracy to 99.9%
  2. Improve customer satisfaction
  3. Increase repeat customers
  4. Decrease returned orders & restocking
  5. Decrease repicked items due to shipping mistakes

Have An Inventory Control Problem?

AMH Solutions Can:

  1. Eliminate wasted inventory search time
  2. Increase inventory control and knowledge
  3. Increase productivity & accuracy
  4. Reduce operator errors by 99%
  5. Reduce inventory
Counting inventory in warehouse

Are Labor Costs & Worker Injuries Hurting Productivity?

AMH Solutions Can:

  1. Cut Labor Costs
  2. Create 100% safe & ergonomic picking access
  3. Reduce Injuries and help avoid claims
  4. Reduce fatigue from walking
  5. Eliminate the need for ladders
Back Injury

Maintenance & Tooling

Automating your maintenance and tool crib can dramatically save space, time, money and improve inventory accuracy.

Lean Manufacturing

Expanding lean manufacturing principles to indirect materials, MRO items and tooling can allow room for revenue generating activities.

Warehouse & Distribution

Storing more in less space can maximize warehouse space and improve pick time and accuracy.

AMH: Automated Material Handling


If space limitations, high labor costs, an inefficient inventory management system and picking accuracy are hampering your business, we can help.

We have been designing custom solutions for over 30 years in Kentucky and Tennessee. Our systems are cost-efficient with a 99.8% up-time reliability rating. Call us for your Free Consultation by one of our Lean Manufacturing Engineers.


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Automated Material Handling

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