10 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Intralogistics

10 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Intralogistics

Uncovering one or more of these symptoms might indicate it’s time to consider a new methodology for handling
inventory, components, goods and/or spare parts inside your operation.

Intralogistics—or the methods used to handle, store, track, locate and manage the inventory, parts, goods and
items within the four walls of an operation—can have a significant impact on productivity. In facilities that rely on
traditional static shelving for storage of non-palletized items, the inherent limitations of the storage method itself
can hamper associates’ ability to find the right item quickly and in its expected condition.

This white paper outlines the ten signs your shelf-based intralogistics practices might be negatively impacting your
operation. It also offers alternative solutions to improving a facility’s intralogistics without requiring a major

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