7 Features of Color Picking to Improve Order Fulfillment

7 Features of Color Picking to Improve Order Fulfillment

Improve Order Fulfillment – 7 Features of Color Picking

Efficient and modern order processing is even more important today than yesterday. Internal processes must be put to the test over and over again, and new challenges keep surprising us.

The retail sector increasingly requests “on demand” orders with shorter delivery times. It’s no secret that demand fluctuation is also a big challenge for manufacturers and distributors, but this problem became even more apparent recently. In fact, many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufactures and distributors are experiencing their highest spikes ever. They are facing an unprecedented (and likely unexpected) predicament right now! How to produce an overwhelming demand for essential FMCG (e.g., prepared food, cleaning products, non-prescription medicines, toiletries) while facing a surge in e-commerce sales.

As the world recovers from COVID-19, consumer demand for some of these products might slow down, but experts predict the undistributed shift to e-commerce as a main shopping outlet will remain steady. With a potential second wave on the horizon, we’re finding warehouse managers are searching for ways to manage future demand spikes.

The answer starts with an underlying foundation: a well-organized and efficient production and order fulfillment process.

Why Color Picking is the right picking strategy for your order fulfillment Combining daily, weekly, or seasonal order demand fluctuations with a rapidly growing company leaves supply-chain managers eager for a solution.

Based on the principles of pick-to-light technology, Color Picking guides multiple operators through the picking process using colors as pick-lights. This allows warehouse managers to add or reduce staff based on current order demands. It improves performance, increases picking throughput, and optimizes labor costs.

Watch the KICKS Cosmetics customer video to see Color Picking in action.

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