Automotive Manufacturing

Managing Movement To Meet Increasing Demands


Ever shorter product cycles, more complex production processes, and less down time combined with increasing quality demands and growing cost pressure; the challenges in automotive manufacturing are daunting. Manufacturers that want to prevail in the automotive market have to use their skills and resources as economically as possible. High uptimes coupled with the lowest storage and transportation costs possible are the most important guiding principles.

AMH will work with you to develop a complete material flow system solution to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your operations. Providing accurate parts inventory control and management for production operations, Kardex Remstar systems are used for secure tooling storage, work-in-progress buffering, point-of-use component storage and incoming material storage.

Preparing For A Strong Future

Solutions that guarantee speed, flexibility, security of supply and traceability strengthen your future. By adjusting your logistics and production structures intelligently, AMH supports the integration of business processes, strengthening your position in the supply network and helping you to react successfully to the requirements of the market.

Spare Parts Management Cleverly Done

With ever expanding product ranges spare part management is more complicated than ever. Our fully integrated systems can be designed to manage both inventory for manufacturing operations and end user spare parts distribution- in one system. The result- warehouse stock can be significantly reduced, while part availability increases.

Flexible Integration

AMH solutions can be incorporated into any logistics system. Using Power Pick Global software our solutions can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory.

General Motors

AMH worked with General Motors in Spring Hill, TN on a solution for line side storage of their main body wiring harnesses. General Motors needed to increase their line side SKU count without using more floor space. AMH was able to provide them with a solution that increased storage in a smaller floor space capacity, increased efficiency, increase inventory control and allowed for a less than 2 year pay back.

White Papers

Case Study: BMW Expands Internally with VLMs to almost Double Capacity

Case Study
BMW Manufacturing
Expands with VLM

Case Study – BMW Manufacturing Expands with VLM×

Maximize Uptime with Quick Access to MRO Parts, Tools & Dies

Maximize Uptime with
Quick Access to MRO
Parts, Tools & Dies

Automating Spare Parts×

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