Efficient handling of electronic components
in ESD-protected storage systems 

Comprehensive ESD protection and storage under controlled temperatures or in a clean room environment. These are just some of the options which AMH offers its customers in the electronics industry for optimizing its intralogistics processes.
Is the protection of sensitive components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) a top priority for you?

AMH optionally fits its Kardex Remstar storage systems in the Shuttle and Megamat series with wide-ranging equipment that protects against ESD. At the same time, the measures taken by AMH go far beyond dealing with the problem superficially: the use of galvanized dividing walls and conductive plastic boxes inside the storage units are just two examples of the many different solutions used by AMH to prevent electrostatic discharge.

Does your production environment demand dust-free handling of sensitive electronic components?

AMH optionally supplies its dynamic Kardex Remstar retrieval systems with comprehensive dust protection to the extent that we are one of the few suppliers to offer storage and retrieval solutions in a real clean room environment.

Do your products react sensitively to temperature fluctuations or high levels of humidity?

Storage units in the Megamat and Shuttle series can be optionally fitted with a climate function which permits the storage of goods at constant temperatures ranging from plus sixty to minus twenty five degrees Celsius. It is also possible to reduce the humidity to up to five percent within the units.

Is your business involved in the production or use of SMD components?

Advanced technologies such as laser pointers and additional pick-by-light systems enable high precision when accessing goods and thus guarantee zero-defect order picking, which is essential in the electronics sector.

SMD reels often require special mounting devices. These are compatible with Kardex Remstar storage solutions.

In addition, Kardex Remstar has enhanced its Power Pick Global software package with the Smartpick 5200 module especially with the aim of managing order picking, stock levels, or the return of electronic components to storage fully automatically and thus organizing the entire process more efficiently. The effective interplay of hard- and software gives you a number of key advantages in terms of increasing your productivity.

Does your stock include a number of small and miniature articles?

Thanks to their compact design and storage technology, Kardex Remstar retrieval systems permit the highly dense storage of many parts in a small space. Besides saving space, this solution also helps to reduce the time spent walking around when storing and retrieving goods.

Do the properties of your stored components prohibit the use of water for fire protection?

Kardex Remstar Storage Systems does not use sprinklers to protect goods from fire and smoke, but instead installs modern gas extinguishing systems. This ensures that the stored material is not put at risk by moisture in the event of a fire.

Combination of measures

Since the design of our retrieval systems is modular, it goes without saying that it is easy to combine the solutions presented here.

The advantages for you at a glance:
  • Less space needed: The highly dense storage system reduces the size of the footprint required by up to 85 percent. This means that the same amount of articles can be stored on an area just 10 to 25 percent the size of the original space.
  • Better inventory management: The warehouse management software from Kardex Remstar permits the permanent monitoring of stock levels in real time via a direct link to the ERP system.
  • Controlled climate by regulating the air humidity and temperature during the storage of critical components.
  • Dust-free storage under clean room conditions.
  • Safe handling and storage of valuable components and articles thanks to the lockable storage system. This protects the goods from external influences and unauthorized access.
  • SMD handling: Storage systems from Kardex Remstar are especially flexible and can be constantly adapted to the various dimensions of the delivered SMD reels.
  • ESD-protected: Kardex storage systems can operate fully ESD-protected.

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