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Industrial Floor Space Savings

Improve Service with Lower Costs

Like many businesses today, healthcare service facilities including medical labs, diagnostic labs, home healthcare services, dialysis centers and specialty outpatient facilities are striving to provide the best services at the lowest cost. AMH offers a broad selection of automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar designed to help healthcare facilities do just that – provide improved service while lowering costs.

Leaning Out Waste
By implementing dynamic storage and retrieval solutions that increase pick accuracy, improve productivity and save space, healthcare service facilities are leaning out wasted time and money in current processes. Healthcare service facilities have realized sustainable reductions of waste attributable to pick errors, labor, inflated inventories, expired product costs, lost items and workplace injury.

Labor Efficiencies
All Kardex Remstar technology is designed to bring items to the person, eliminating walk and search time commonly associated with drawers and shelving. This creates a labor savings opportunity and makes efficient use of the facilities floor space and cube. Our solutions: Part Traceability
Complete traceability is a necessity for healthcare service facilities, inventory management software provides real time information for traceability, can reduce stock levels and can generate on demand reports with little effort.

Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems can save up to 85 % of floor space. This allows facilities to utilize this additional floor space for other value added activities.

Order Picking
All Kardex Remstar technology is designed to bring items to the worker, eliminating walk and search time, increasing productivity. This helps get orders out the door on time.

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