Hospital Supply Chain

Healthcare Supply Chain Experience

Hospitals are challenged with space and manpower being a huge piece of the operating budget. It is imperative that managers look at ways to control these challenges while at the same time creating better processes. These processes must lead to higher throughput, higher inventory accuracy, increased product security and higher picking accuracy. We have worked with hospitals in their central supply warehouses, sterile surgical supply, and sterile instrument supply to give them these benefits in their processes.


  • Central Supply Warehouse
  • Sterile Surgical Supply
  • Sterile Instrument

Benefits of Automation

  • Labor Savings - Cut labor costs by 75%
  • Space Savings - Reduce needed floor space by at least 50%
  • Improve Productivity - Solution designed for growth
  • Improve Inventory Control - Improve Accuracy & Safety
  • ROI - Under 2 years

Ideas for a Safer, More Productive & More Accurate Operation

Our systems give you high density storage, fast order picking with batching and pick-to-light, higher order & inventory accuracy, and all are easy to train and learn.

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Recent AMH Solutions

In videos below, AMH was able to help hospitals increase efficiencies and gain space savings in a central supply warehouse, a sterile surgical supply and a sterile instrument supply.

University of Kentucky Central Distribution Warehouse


  • Increased Throughput
  • 29% Reclaimed Floor Space
  • 99.9% Picking Accuracy
  • 100% Inventory Control

Automating Sterile Instruments


  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Dynamic Storage Capabilities
  • Increased Tack and Tracing
  • Controlled Distrubution

Wausau Hospital Sterile Supply


  • Reduced Floor Space by 75%
  • Increased Picking Accuracy to 100%
  • Reduced Cost per Pick by 88%

White Papers


Improving the Patient Experience

Improving the Patient Experience×

Case Study: Order Picking Costs Reduced by 88%

Wasau Hospital: Increased Order Accuracy by 88%

Wasau Hospital – Increased Order Accuracy by 88%×

Improved Service with Lower Costs

Improved Service With Lower Costs

Improved Service With Lower Costs×

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