Custom Lean Manufacturing Solutions

AMH knows Lean Manufacturing is critical to Manufacturing Facilities. The growing complexity of most factories in terms of product mix, routing, picking, etc., makes it hard to use traditional tools of lean.

It's time to consider new tools and areas for process improvements and waste reduction. Don't settle for thinking a facility it as lean as it can be. Our specialists have helped customers continue lean improvement by designing customized automated storage systems that fit our customers needs and strategies

We have solutions for the 5 Key Contributors to the 7 Potential Wastes within a facility:

  • Floor Space
  • Productivity
  • Less than 100% picking accuracy
  • Lax inventory control and security
  • Improper ergonomics

Our automated equipment comes in different shapes and sizes to allow for customization to fit our customers needed space, efficiency and control.

Vertical Buffer Module Product Category and applications
Saving Floor Space

Check Out Videos Below for Some Lean Ideas

Automated Storage Retrieval System

The New Kardex LR35 allows for a high picking performance in a discrete bin handling system.

Vertical Lift Storage System

The  Kardex Shuttle XP allows for a high picking performance on shelf in variety of different storage bin shapes and sizes.

Mobile Racking

A Montel Mobile Racking system can save time and lower costs by automating your current racks.

Horizontal Carousel

A Horizontal Carousel Storage System is designed for fast, reliable, and efficient high speed picking.


Automated Material Handling

Don't let the cost of staying the same hurt you any longer. Talk to one of our Lean Engineers today!

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