Maximize Uptime With Quick Access To Spare Parts

Maximize Uptime With Quick Access To Spare Parts

From spare parts distribution to maintenance and repair parts to handling tools, dies and fixtures it’s critical to find parts quickly and accurately. Automated storage and retrieval solutions provide increased part accessibility and accuracy, along with accountability and real time stock management.

When Speed Matters
In operations when every minute counts, automated storage and retrieval solutions can increase productivity by eliminating walk and search time commonly associated with shelving. With the push of a button the part is delivered to the operator, clean and ready to use, within seconds. To maximize order picking throughput, batch picking allows an operator to fill multiple orders simultaneously.

Pinpoint Pick Accuracy
Using pick to light technology the operator is directed to the exact location of the required part, increasing pick accuracy to 99.9%. The TIC (transaction information center) provides the location, quantity and description of the part to be picked.

Prevent Part Shortages
Integrated inventory management software provides real time inventory. Reorder points can be set by part number. When the part quantity dips below the reorder point, purchasing is notified, preventing part shortages.

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Maximize Uptime with Quick Access To Spare Parts

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