Medical Device Manufacturing

Parts Handling That Exceed Good Manufacturing Practices

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers must comply with record keeping and quality control processes mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To comply with these regulations, medical device manufacturers must establish and maintain procedures to ensure that mixups, damage, deterioration, contamination or other adverse effects to products do not occur during handling. The regulations go on to ensure that obsolete, rejected or deteriorated products are not distributed and that items adhere to proper stock rotation. Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems support the processes demanded by leading medical device manufacturers – from receiving to quality control to manufacturing to distribution and shipping.

Stock Rotation
When used in conjunction with Power Pick Global warehouse management software, Kardex Remstar dynamic picking solutions provide electronic documentation for stock rotation programs and ensure that expired devices are not shipped. Picking Validation Bar code verification routines assure picking accuracy. Picking validation can be set up to verify items by material, location, lot or serial number, allowing tracking of non-conforming items and preventing accidental release of items on hold.

Ordering Picking

When speed matters… in situations in which every minute counts and accuracy becomes an issue, we can make your distribution run smoothly.

Multiple inventory management techniques including batch picking, pick and pass, parallel picking, static or dynamic batching, host-directed batching and many more can be incorporated in order to make your order processing run exactly according to your needs.

Our solutions are designed to be modular and can be integrated in stages into any workflow, regardless of its current level of automation.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

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