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Industrial Inventory Management System

A high level of security and control is common on military bases – and the same goes for the materials stored and managed on base. From weapons to high value assets to personnel and medical records, secure storage is a necessity. Kardex Remstar offers a broad selection of automated storage and retrieval solutions specifically designed for military use; providing secure storage and quick access times in a minimal footprint.

Productivity & Ergonomics

All Kardex Remstar solutions deliver stored goods directly to the operator at an ergonomic level, eliminating time spent walking, searching, bending and reaching to retrieve stored items, leaving more time for picking. Kardex Remstar products are ergonomically designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
GSA Contract Information Multimedia Office Cabinets, Displays & Filing Systems, Powered Rotary Files (High Density Filing, Record Keeping Equipment). FSC Class: 7403
- Lektriever ELF 115, 120, 125
- Megamat Vertical Carousel
- Shuttle Vertical Lift Module
- 50 Contiguous States & The District of Columbia


Make it simple! We can help you simplify your operations, save storage space and increase your income.

Inventory control and higher availability of your spare parts, picking accuracy and inventory security – that is what matters. Kardex Remstar can help you eliminate time otherwise wasted searching for
misplaced or out-of-stock inventory. And all this in a highly-densified storage environment.

Our solutions are scalable and flexible to change with your business. Easily reconfigure trays and carriers to maximize product density or relocate systems within your facility.

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