Custom E-Commerce Order Solutions

Having to work late to get online orders out on time or are your inaccurate shipments costing to time and money?

AMH knows this struggle and has worked with many e-commerce companies to accomplish their goals of increasing productivity and accuracy of picking orders while saving storage space.

How It Could Be:

  • Inventory is stored in a fully automated system
  • High density storage system requiring less than 100ft per model
  • Productivity increases by over 200%
  • Reduction of labor
  • Inventory software manages inventory control and accuracy
  • Inventory software increases order accuracy to 99%

Check out how automation helped The Shopping Channeling with their jewelry distribution:

  • Receive 75% in floor space saving
  • Reduce Labor by 54%
  • Increase productivity by 600%
Saving Floor Space


Automated Material Handling

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