Parts Handling That Exceed Good Medical Device Manufacturing Practices

Parts Handling That Exceed Good Medical Device Manufacturing Practices

Medical device manufacturers must comply with record keeping and quality control processes mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To comply with these regulations, they must establish and maintain procedures to ensure that mix-ups, damage, deterioration, contamination or other adverse effects to products do not occur during handling.

The regulations go on to ensure that obsolete, rejected or deteriorated products are not distributed and that items adhere to proper stock rotation. Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems support the processes demanded by leading manufacturers – from receiving to quality control to manufacturing to distribution and shipping.

An Efficient Solution for Fast Order Picking

Whether in production or distribution, for applications with frequent access to stored items Horizontal Carousels are the perfect solution. Providing fast access times, increased throughout and short delivery periods, Horizontal Carousels can speed order picking operations. Integrated inventory management software and pick to light technology can drive batch picking to maximize throughput and increase pick accuracy while providing the flexibility to handle seasonal peak volumes.

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