Vertical Buffer Family: Scaled to meet your requirements

Vertical Buffer Family: Scaled to meet your requirements

Always the right solution: The Vertical Buffer Family from Kardex Remstar offers a variety of solutions, each optimally designed to meet your individual requirements.

Whether your operations require greater flexibility, handling a wider range of products, faster picking times, or managing an increasing number of small parts in different bins – the new Vertical Buffer Family product family from Kardex Remstar can master any demands.

More effcient order picking

  • Practically no picking errors thanks to controlled access to one single bin
  • Precise, simple, and fast order picking using pick-to-light systems
  • Automatic replenishment reduces personnel requirements and lower costs
  • Optimized order picking process as there is no longer a need to search for storage locations

Energy efficiency by design

  • The units consume approx. 70% less energy than comparable systems thanks to innovative design and state-of-the-art technology
  • No energy recovery necessary

Comfortable picking

  • Ergonomic working provided by different picking stations

Flexible arranging of goods

  • Trays or bins can be mixed in any number of ways based on your needs
  • Wide range of items and high storage capacity coupled with fast access times

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Vertical Buffer Family Scale Your Intralogistics

Kardex Remstar Vertical
Buffer Module

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