Warehouse & Distribution – Picking Of Furniture and Accessories

Warehouse & Distribution – Picking Of Furniture and Accessories

The Customer - IKEA

With 287 stores in thirty-eight countries and 655 million customers worldwide, IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer. The company was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad.

At the beginning, the company was only selling consumer goods; in 1948 they also added furniture shipping to their sales portfolio. Transporting bulky parts of furniture in fl at packs was a revolutionary idea in distribution in those days. There was no stopping the success story of IKEA.

In 1965 the then largest furniture shopping centre in Sweden was opened. Since the run on this shop exceeded all expectations, the warehouse turned into a showroom, and has continued to do so until the present day.

In 1973 the IKEA branch in Spreitenbach/Switzerland became the first retail store to open outside Scandinavia.

Task Definition:

For IKEA Spreitenbach, the storage system must provide: an overview of the stored articles, a clean warehouse environment, full utilization of existing room heights, reduced footprint in comparison with conventional shelving systems, ergonomic working conditions (no bending or stretching). For people coming to pick up their selected goods at the self-collection point, the articles must be available within the shortest time.The requested articles must be within immediate reach in only one minute.


For the storage of sofa covers and kitchen fronts, the Shuttle XP modular lift system is the optimal solution. It works according to the “goods-to-person“ principle and provides a storage space of 939 m2 on a footprint of only 39 m2. The picking and putting speed is four times as fast as that of a conventional system. In addition, all stored goods are protected against unauthorized access. The Shuttle XP units are connected to the warehouse management system via the PP5000 warehouse management software. Article numbers and status messages are displayed on an LED-lit confirmation bar below the access opening.

Advantages at a Glance

• Less time required searching for goods

• Space-saving: 939 m2 of storage space on a footprint of only 39 m2

• Contamination-free warehousing

• Ergonomic working conditions

• Full integration in buildings, connecting several floors

Process Description

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