When Speed Matters… AMH Provides Custom Solutions to Help Distribution Run Smoothly.

When Speed Matters… AMH Provides Custom Solutions to Help Distribution Run Smoothly.

Hospital Logistics – Improving The Patient Experience

Today the pressure on hospital executives and managers to reduce hospital operating costs is rising. In order to survive and maintain a profit margin in this economic climate hospitals are forced to cut costs. The largest component of the hospital operating budget is the supply chain, which is now coming under the microscope of hospital administrators.

Leaning Out Waste

Very often hospitals are using outdated technology and antiquated processes in their materials handling flow. By implementing dynamic storage and retrieval solutions such as horizontal and vertical carousels to increase pick accuracy, improve productivity and save space: hospitals are leaning out wasted time and money in current processes. By implementing these systems, hospitals have realized sustainable reductions of waste attributable to labor, inflated inventories, expired product costs, lost items and workplace injury.

Part Traceability

Complete traceability is no easy task. Inventory management software provides real time information for traceability, can reduce stock levels and can generate on demand reports with little effort.

Improving Patient Experience

When speed matters… in situations in which every minute counts and accuracy becomes an issue, we can make your distribution run smoothly. Multiple inventory management techniques including batch picking, pick and pass, parallel picking, static or dynamic batching, host-directed batching and many more can be incorporated in
order to make your order processing run exactly according to your needs.

Our solutions are designed to be modular and can be integrated in stages into any workflow, regardless of its current level of automation.


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