Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do the properties of your stored components prohibit the use of water for fire protection?

Kardex Remstar Storage Systems does not use sprinklers to protect goods from fire and smoke, but instead installs modern gas extinguishing systems. This ensures that the stored material is not put at risk by moisture in the event of a fire.

Does your stock include a number of small and miniature articles?

Thanks to their compact design and storage technology, Kardex Remstar retrieval systems permit the highly dense storage of many parts in a small space. Besides saving space, this solution also helps to reduce the time spent walking around when storing and retrieving goods.

Is your business involved in the production or use of SMD components?

Advanced technologies such as laser pointers and additional pick-by-light systems enable high precision when accessing goods and thus guarantee zero-defect order picking, which is essential in the electronics sector. SMD reels often require special mounting devices. These are compatible with Kardex Remstar storage solutions.

In addition, Kardex Remstar has enhanced its Power Pick Global software package with the Smartpick 5200 module especially with the aim of managing order picking, stock levels, or the return of electronic components to storage fully automatically and thus organizing the entire process more efficiently. The effective interplay of hard- and software gives you a number of key advantages in terms of increasing your productivity.

Do your products react sensitively to temperature fluctuations or high levels of humidity?

Storage units in the Megamat and Shuttle series can be optionally fitted with a climate function which permits the storage of goods at constant temperatures ranging from plus sixty to minus twenty five degrees Celsius. It is also possible to reduce the humidity to up to five percent within the units.

Does your production environment demand dust-free handling of sensitive electronic components?

AMH optionally supplies its dynamic Kardex Remstar retrieval systems with comprehensive dust protection to the extent that we are one of the few suppliers to offer storage and retrieval solutions in a real clean room environment.

Is the protection of sensitive components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) a top priority for you?

AMH optionally fits its Kardex Remstar storage systems in the Shuttle and Megamat series with wide-ranging equipment that protects against ESD. At the same time, the measures taken by AMH go far beyond dealing with the problem superficially: the use of galvanized dividing walls and conductive plastic boxes inside the storage units are just two examples of the many different solutions used by AMH to prevent electrostatic discharge.

We have a SPACE PROBLEM…we’re out of room.

You’ve been told you must reduce your footprint by some huge amount (60%!!), or you need more floor  space for production vs. parts storage. Or maybe you are expanding your parts storage and you are  simply out of floor space. HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS… You don’t have a SPACE PROBLEM. You have a  WASTED SPACE PROBLEM.  You have tons and tons of wasted space… not floor space… AIR‐space. Above your rows and rows of  shelves, there are thousands of cubic feet of air‐space that are not being used. BETWEEN your shelves  and BEHIND the items on your shelves is another large amount of wasted space. Automated storage  units compress this space and take your storage UP, not OUT.  We routinely take companies’ shelf‐space DOWN by 60‐80% and that doesn’t just save space. Once we  do a free “needs analysis” for your company, you’ll be able to read in black and white the precise savings  in sq. footage (rent space), labor (typically 60‐70% savings), shrinkage (no more missing parts), labor  claims (no more ladders, sprained backs, and injuries from endless walking, bending, reaching).

How much is this going to cost me?

When automated storage first became available, the cost barrier to entry was very high (systems started at  $250,000 and spiraled up from there). But for 25+ years, technology has  constantly improved and reduced the cost of automated storage. Turnkey  custom designed Vertical Carousel or Vertical Lift storage systems range on  average $80,000 each, installed. For most companies, break‐even on the  investment in storage automation is 1 to 2 years. “How do you figure?” you  might ask. Well let’s look at a small, typical system installation.  We put in one  $80,000 system.  Right away, savings begin to accrue. $80,000 (cost of system) $18,000 (yearly rent on freed up space) 6000 sq.ft. x $3/sq.ft. rent $40,000 (yearly wages for 3‐4 warehouse workers—total warehouse man‐  hours reduced by 60‐80%)  $3,000 (reduction in shrinkage from the bins)  $5,000 (reduction in mis‐picks, and increased workflow efficiencies)  $2,000 (reduction in worker’s comp claims)  $68,000 (Total savings in first year alone)  **Break‐even on this system occurs in less than 1.2 years. Once you reach breakeven, every penny saved from that point on is pure profit to your bottom line! So  automated storage doesn’t cost too much.  Your present situation is COSTING TOO MUCH NOW! Because of their low cost, automated storage systems have spread to applications other than simple  warehouse storage (like point‐of‐use storage, MRO/Maintenance Cribs, and manufacturing process  improvement, among others).

The cost of educating myself BEFORE committing to the change is too overwhelming.

Not with AMH! Just call and set up a free “Needs Analysis” and you’ll get a first‐class education, along  with a sample plan for the change‐over. By the end of this short, take‐you‐by‐the‐hand process, you’ll  know precisely how much floor space you’ll gain, how much time the change‐over will take for your  specific application, and what cash outlay will be required. If you move forward with a system from  AMH, we won’t leave you until you are up and running, integrated, and clear on how to use your  system. From the moment you order your “Needs Analysis,” we can normally have your analysis in your hands within 2 weeks. We do the homework, then show you exactly what you’re looking at to get started. It’s  that simple.  To schedule your FREE, No Obligation AMH “Needs Analysis,” simply call: 1‐800‐838‐0473. We’ll take  care of the rest!

Do your automated systems break?

We have achieved a 99.5% runtime performance year end and year  out, on Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lifts. They provide  unsurpassed levels of mean time between failures. With the  highest ratings in the industry, automated storage always proves to be among the most reliable equipment in the plant. AMH has more than 1,000 automated storage systems installed in KY and TN with  many systems still in operation after more than 20 years of service,  proving the durability of our systems.  Power outage?  If the power  goes out, your automated system will be just like the rest of your  power equipment—out of use until the power comes back on.  There’s nothing to do but take a break and wait for the power to come back on.

If the system breaks down, can I still get my parts out?

Yes! This is why AMH has factory service technicians at the ready to service your equipment at a moment’s notice. Our service technicians are strategically located  throughout Kentucky and Tennessee to reduce travel and downtime to a minimum. Their service trucks are stocked with replacement parts that insure we get your equipment up and running immediately and  without delay.  We also offer a 24/7 Emergency hotline to assist your plant personnel in troubleshooting in case you  decide to service the equipment yourself. You can rely on the AMH promise of prompt emergency  service whenever you need us.

How long will this process take from planning to implementation?

From the moment you place your order, your new system can be up and running in less than 6 weeks.  AMH has automated storage equipment in stock and available on quick ship in as little as 4 weeks. We  can install an automated system in as few as 5 days from delivery of equipment. Our systems are  turnkey from the factory and run on standard 480v/240v, 3 phase‐ 60 Hz circuits. Systems can be  controlled out‐of‐box from keypads and/or interfaced with inventory management software, provided inventory control and ERP systems interface. Once installed, stocking your new system (and emptying  all those shelves) will take 4‐5 days of intense, do‐it‐once work.

How expensive is the software and will it work with our present plant  ERP/MRP software? 

WE know. And so will you after a free AMH “needs analysis.” Automated systems can be controlled out‐of‐box from  keypads/operating panels mounted to the storage systems (no  outside software needed). These controls are push button  interfaces where users can request parts via part number or  description and retrieve them directly at the access window. In  addition, our systems can be interfaced with powerful inventory  management software that provides inventory control and communicates with most plant ERP/MRP  software systems.

Low cost automated storage won’t handle the large  weight capacities we need for specialty tools or heavy parts.

Our systems offer a weight capacity of 2200 lbs per shelf with shelf  sizes of up to 14’ wide and 5’ deep. Large, heavy, and bulky items  are our specialty. Full Pallet handling, automated tray extraction,  and crane and lift integration enhance the handling of bulky heavy  items.

Aren't vertical storage systems are inflexible and hard to reconfigure if my needs ever change or if the system needs to be moved to another location?

Our systems are incredibly flexible and reconfigure quite easily. Units can be modified in the field to meet  your needs, and system heights can be reduced or  increased depending on future needs. Variable capacity  shelves allow for increasing the capacity of each shelf,  in case heavier/bulkier storage is ever required. Our Cubestar technology will automatically store each shelf  based on the height of items stored on that shelf. You  can change up easily by adjusting the shelf height to  accommodate the new taller items. And your future is  insured with the ability to easily tear down and reinstall  systems in new locations as your needs change in the  future.

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