Kardex Remstar Product Overview

We offer innovative material handling solutions from Kardex Remstar dedicated to optimizing your material handling operations.

Vertical Lift Module

Vertical Lift Modules

Flexible, High-Density Storage

Ideal for operations managing various parts sizes, VLMs are the perfect high-bay modular solution for order picking and high-density parts storage in a compact footprint.  Using the "goods-to-person" principle while maximizing overhead height, VLMs can save operations up to 85% of valuable floor space.

Megamat Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousels

High-Frequency Picking and Storage

Designed to provide storage and frequent retrieval of like sized parts, the compact construction of the Megamat RS allows you to achieve the greatest possible storage capacity. The system can be installed as a free standing vertical carousel or as a multi-story solution with several access openings.

Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal Carousels

Maximum Throughput Order Picking

The horizontal solution is an automated horizontal carousel with high performance and safety. Its pick-to-light system allows for a high level of access accuracy. Optimized transport and storage times and software controlled picking ensure a high system efficiency and deliver an excellent ROI (return on investment).

Vertical Carousel

Vertical Buffer Module

Bin-Based, Goods-to-Person Solution

From highly dense storage of spare parts and tools for your production operation to picking of small parts in your warehouse, the Vertical Buffer Module sets standards in terms of speed, precision, and energy efficiency. Perfect for slow-moving parts or kitting areas.

Automated Material Handling

Software Solutions

The best way for global networking of storage and retrieval solutions.

Power Pick Global is a modern, customer-based software for all applications associated with warehouse management. Due to its modular design and the novel programming concept, you are ideally equipped to adapt your enterprise easily and flexibly to continuous changes in resource planning for years to come.


File Storage - Lektriever

Automated File and Media Storage

The Lektriever is a software controlled automated media storage and retrieval system that can hold thousands of files, videos, CDs, DVDs etc. It can operate offline or be linked online to our IT systems. Operation is simple and user-friendly: the Lektriever automatically searches for each required item at the press of a button.

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